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Monday, December 3, 2018

Blog Tour for BLE v. 3, “Perfume” by R.D. Miller

Today we get not only a hot excerpt, but first-time author R. D. Miller lays it all on the line when it comes to how and why she wrote her story “Perfume” as well as what the Best Lesbian Erotica series has meant to her.

Here goes!

Hello Readers!

I want to thank you for reading the Best Lesbian Erotica of the Year Volume 3. This anthology means so much to me. I’m so excited to be included in this collection, and to have my work alongside these other women. This is my first publication, and in case you can't tell I’m really excited! The editor of the anthology asked me to discuss my story “Perfume” and the inspiration behind it. She wanted to know what my creative process was like and to include anything else that influenced my writing. I’ll try to keep it playful … lol

When I learned that my story was going to be included in the Best Lesbian Erotica Anthology, I was over the moon! Over the years, the work of Cleis Press has had so much impact on my identity. Especially this Anthology, its volumes hold a special place in my heart. As a sporty baby dyke, at 23 I moved to South Korea. I didn’t speak the language and had a very light understanding of the country and its culture.

I had met a beautiful woman at a queer bar in Halifax. She was moving to Korea where she would teach English. Sparks flew! And not to be outdone by all the other U-Haul toting lesbians that came before us, it was decided that I should go too. When true love is on the line, what’s 10,000 KMs… right?!

Living in Korea opened my heart, and I was transformed by my time there. I fell completely in love with the country. Yet, I longed for queer literature with a lesbian focus. It was difficult to find lesbian writing of any kind in Korea, let alone in English. So every time that I would fly home to Canada, I would ALWAYS stock up. The BLE series from Cleis Press was my perennial favourite. Filled with searing erotica, I would carefully pack the anthologies in my carry-on for the long flights back. When I thought no one was looking, I would slowly slip the volume out of my bag. From there I would furtively read the stories. Although, after reading “Ninjutsu” by Valerie Alexander, I realize that those long flights back could have been far more interesting if I had been a bit more bold!

People who’ve read my story often ask me if I’ve been to Grasse, where my piece “Perfume” is set in France. Yes, I have been to Grasse. I’ve been so lucky to have stepped foot on some of it’s legendary flower fields and visited its long storied perfumeries. The story, however, is entirely fiction. This totally did not happen:

“My pants are unfastened now and she roughly shoves her hand down them. She pauses, just long enough for her eyes to lock with mine and check for consent. I'm nodding like a madwoman, praying she doesn't stop.
She must be satisfied with that because her hand is suddenly inside of my underwear, and I am dripping for her. She gasps. She bites my earlobe, “You are so wet! My butch likes being shoved against the bathroom stall and fucked, does she?””

So how did the story come about? One night I was hanging out with @stashingbreadcrumbs, she’s a dear friend of mine. She was enjoying a cider, while I was enjoying a beer. Somewhere in the conversation we found ourselves drunkenly discussing interesting places we’d done it. She was blown away that with all the places I had been to I had very few stories of sex in interesting public places. From the pause in our dialogue, I could tell what she was thinking. I needed to do better!

So this got me thinking – of all the places that I have visited; if I could go back, where would have been the best place to share such an intimate act in such a public setting? I considered many locations and venues, but the perfume factory was the one place that kept coming up in my imagination.
When I got home that night, I grabbed my laptop and began to write down all of the fun I wish I’d had. Writing the sexy times came really naturally to me (… that was the fun part!). I would later construct the rest of the narrative for the story after deciding I would like to submit it for publication.

So there it is, as nude as the scent one wears. That’s the inspiration behind “Perfume”. Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy every sizzling hot moment of Best Lesbian Erotica of the Year volume 3.

Notice: Any commenters on any of these blog posts will be entered into a drawing for a free ebook copy of this anthology. It's come to my attention that commenting here doesn't work for many folks, so commenting on my Blog Tour posts on Facebook will count for the drawing, as well, and I'll offer two copies as prizes.

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