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Thursday, August 11, 2016

I'm Up on AfterEllen!

Hey, I just discovered, accidentally, that an interview with me was posted on AfterEllen yesterday! I mean, I knew I'd been interviewed, but had no idea when it would appear. I talk about writing erotica in general, the importance of LGBTQ+ erotica, what I look for in submissions to my anthologies, and how I've seen lesbian erotica change (and not change) over several decades. Go on over and check it out! (I happened to notice an unusual number of hits on my blog, and looked to see where they were coming from, so that's how I found out that the interview had gone "live", for certain values of "live."

For folks who come here from the link on AfterEllen--sorry I wasn't ready for you yesterday--here are links to a couple of my free stories posted on this blog over the years. There are are more, too, if you have the patience to scroll wayyyyy down, you'll find some.  There are also posts on writing and publishing, Yeah, I know, somebody who can organize a story and whole anthologies should be able to organize her blog better, but, well, maybe one of these days.