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Monday, December 10, 2018

Blog Tour for BLE v. 3, featuring "Yin and Yang" by Mags Hayward

In Mags Hayward’s beautifully balanced “Yin and Yang,” a contemporary ballet dancer and her lighting-technician lover make the perfect team, while the writing, alternating between lyrical and straightforward, makes the perfect presentation of their story. Here’s what Mags tells us about the writing of her story and her own life experience that inspired it, along with a lovely excerpt to introduces the characters.

The first draft of Yin and Yang was written several years ago and I’ve revised many times, but the central theme, the Chinese notion of Yin and Yang (dark-bright, negative-positive, seemingly opposite forces interconnecting to complement each other), has remained.
Yin and Yang is a tale of love blossoming between apparently opposite characters: a confident, spotlight loving dancer; the other a shy, rather insecure technician. It’s a forgiving, developing love that nurtures both girls and, in this slender slice of their relationship, the girls seek reassurance in each other’s arms before a nerve-wracking live performance.
The setting, an Arts Centre preparing for that night’s show, comes from my own experience of both performing and working as a technician in the field of dance. I trained as a contemporary dancer in my teens before switching to a technical role. I’ve watched many a dance performance from behind a lighting desk and know about the adrenaline rush and the fear involved in getting the performance right – and the joy of watching a dancer glide across the stage. It’s a sensual experience, one that easily transforms into erotica in the protagonist’s eyes.
Here’s an extract…

Natalie. A more alluring creature never lived and I can't stop looking at her. Her lithe limbs, wrapped in a flesh-toned body stocking, appear naked, exposed. Her perky breasts jiggle as she twists and turns and, from where I'm sitting, I can see every detail of her exquisite body. All of it. As she lifts her leg in a high arabesque, I gaze longingly at the puffy outline of her labia and the indent where the thin, Lycra fabric stretches across her sex.
A fluttering of twinges stir my loins and I recall the many times that svelte body has lain in my bed, thighs spread, slender fingers beckoning. I quiver at the memory of soft moans rumbling in her throat when the tip of my tongue tastes the honey beading at the mouth of her soaking slit.
I watch her twist, turn, floating toward centre stage where she performs a slow, controlled, double pirouette.
Oh, Natalie…
I break free of my trance. I can't afford to daydream. I have a job to do. I'm the lighting designer for Natalie's dance and the light must be honed to complement her sensuous performance.

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