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Friday, December 14, 2018

BLE v. 3 Blog Tour: Raven Sky's "Fuck Me Like a Canadian"

“Fuck Me Like a Canadian”
Raven Sky

Every year, I perform at an event called “Cliterature,” a celebration of women’s erotica. I love to travel, so many of the erotic stories that I perform at this event are set in foreign locales, including “Fuck Me Like a Canadian,” my contribution to Best Lesbian Erotica: Volume 3. I’ve traveled to 42 different countries and Morocco makes my top 10, as a country full of stunning landscapes, fascinating cultures, delectable food and unique arts and crafts. My experience camel riding into the Sahara desert then sleeping at a remote Berber camp under a full moon, inspired this tale, an unlikely romance between a closeted Berber woman and a Canadian tourist. As the excerpt below hints at, the story is moving and funny, sexy and elucidating about queer Moroccan culture.

“Fuck Me Like a Canadian” Excerpt

And so we said goodbye to bustling Marrakesh, with its scammy snake charmers, transvestite belly dancers and aggressive street hustlers. We said hello Essaouira, to the seaside, to gulls, open-air cafes and hippie wanderers. We knew our time together was ending, but that just concentrated everything. My second last night, we sat in a seaside bar by the beach and watched boys playing soccer in the sand. We ordered beers. The waiter brought them, but frowned at Till, disapproving. She looked him right in the eye and chugged. I laughed.
“Do you know what my name means?” Till inquired. I shook my head. “It’s Tilleli. In Berber that means freedom.” She laughed. “My mother should have named me more carefully.” I ask about her family but her eyes go hard and she just drinks from her beer, so I stare out at the water and wonder about this woman I barely know. About how in a few days I will be back in Canada where I can be the lesbianest lesbian who every lesbianed and nobody cares, and she’ll still be here, hiding, risking her freedom with every encounter.
“Do you ever think of leaving?” I ask, after a pause.
“This is my life,” she says simply.
I push. “Yeah, but you could go somewhere else, somewhere where you could be more free,” I insist.
She turns slowly to look at me, the hardness still in her eyes, and says absolutely nothing. She turns back to the water. I’ve said something stupid but I don’t know why or what. What do I not understand? I can’t know.
The last night we fight. There are tears and apologies and I just don’t want you to gos. The usual, typical, doomed-romance girl-drama. But it’s potent. Emotional tension shifts so easily to sexual tension and she fucks me furiously up against the wall of our little room, fucks me like there’s no tomorrow, because there isn’t. Not for us. And when we’re done and exhausted, a crumpled, sweaty heap on the floor, I see she’s crying. I never know what to do when women cry.
I go to wipe her tears away but she grabs my hand and holds it tightly, looks me in the eyes intently and says, “I want you to fuck me like a Canadian.” I start to laugh because it’s so incongruous, this sudden ludicrous image I have of fucking her up against a snowman. She’s wearing only a toque and I’m licking maple syrup from her naked, shivering flesh, as a friendly-looking moose ambles by. It’s stupid and inexplicable and I can see I’m offending her but I can’t stop laughing. She throws on clothes and makes to leave. I hurry to stop her but she’s out the door. I dress hastily and run after her.

If you enjoyed this excerpt, be sure to get a copy of Best Lesbian Erotica: Volume 3 for the full tale. You might also enjoy my story “The Lay of Land” in Escape to Pleasure: Lesbian Travel Erotica. This story is set in Thailand (my number one favourite travel destination) and follows the amorous adventures of a female tourist who flew half way around the world to deal with a breakup. Check out my Amazon Author Page for more sexy stories.

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