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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Undercover with Lesbian Cops

It’s got to be a good sign when reading your galley proof gets you tingly all over again at what terrific work your writers have done. Lesbian Cops will be available in April, but I can’t wait that long to give you some hints of what’s in it, so I’m sharing my introduction below.

Stay tuned, too, for a chance to not only win a copy, but to share your own deepest thoughts and fantasies on the subject of lesbian cops. I know I’ve missed some great ones, in spite of the wide range in the book. I’m still pondering the details of this caper, so for now, you’ll have to make do with my intro.

Lesbian Cops
What is it about lesbian cops that pushes all the right buttons (and some of the deliciously transgressive wrong ones)? It’s not just the uniform, with handcuffs and weapons, or the confidence, authority and sense of danger. The intrinsic appeal of women taking on roles that have traditionally been seen as hypermasculine is part of it, of course. To hold their own they need to be hyper-strong, in body, mind and strength of will. That’s intensely sexy, for me, at least, and if you’ve read this far I suspect it is for you, too.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Recap of the Year in Writing

Not so much actual writing accomplished--a good part of the list below consists of reprints or stories written in the past and waiting until now for their true homes--but I'm feeling lucky.

My WWII history-meets-legend story “The Heart of the Storm” appeared in Best Fantasy Erotica from Circlet Press, reprinted from my 2009 anthology Time Well Bent: Queer Alternative History, and was also chosen for Best Lesbian Fiction 2010, coming from Bedazzled Ink in 2011.

“The Good Soldier”, another WWII more-or-less historical piece, appeared in Spank!, edited by D.L. King for Logical Lust.

“The Gift”, set in Afghanistan during the ongoing war, just made it into 2010 in Best Lesbian Romance 2011

“The Windskimmer”, a lesbian fantasy with no erotic elements at all, was accepted for Hellebore and Rue, edited by Catherine Lundoff and Joselle Vanderhooft and coming very soon from Drollerie Press.

“Freeing the Demon” was accepted for Dream Lovers, edited by Kristina Wright for Cleis Press, coming out next fall.

In the editing department, the anthology Lesbian Cops: Erotic Investigations was turned in to Cleis Press and will be coming out in April of this year.

And my personal favorite, although it’s very hard to choose, is the Lambda Literary Award Rakelle Valencia and I won in 2010 for our anthology Lesbian Cowboys, edited for Cleis Press in 2009.

I won't have much to say next New Year's Day unless I buckle down and get some fresh writing done.