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Friday, December 7, 2018

BLE v. 3 Blog Tour with R.G. Emanuelle's "The Auction"

Today's stop on the tour happens over at R.G. Emanuelle's web site,

There's so much to say about her story that I'd have a hard time covering it all, and she can say it better than I can, so go on over there and read what she says. You'll not only learn about some very hot sex, but find insights into both writing erotica and female sexual desire.

Here's just a short part of it.

"What I hope I conveyed in this story is something that has been historically ignored (but that has changed with the advent of women-written erotica), which is female sexual desire. That’s what makes female-centered erotica different from male-centered pornography—the acknowledgment that women not only enjoy sex but are doing it for their own needs and not just to satisfy men’s. Older women, in particular, have been ignored in this area. There’s this notion that women lose their sexual desire after a certain age (whatever that is, pick one). On the contrary—when women enter perimenopause/menopause, hormones can rage and sexual desire can ebb and flow drastically. Many women experience a roller coaster of arousal, going from a complete deadening of the genitals one day to voracious, insatiable need for sex the next. Everyone’s different, but I’ve heard from enough women about the latter to know that it’s a real thing. A woman’s need for sex can be just as raw and just as powerful as any man’s. And that’s what I hope Gia conveys."

Ah yes. A condition that I've sometimes termed "a second adolescence."

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