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Tuesday, December 18, 2018

BLE v. 3 Blog Tour with Nat Burns and "Jani-Lyn's Dragon"

The title of Nat Burns’s story “Jani-Lyn’s Dragon” didn’t quite ring a bell when I first saw her submission in my email, but the instant I saw “September 1970” at the beginning of her document I knew where she was going, and knew I wanted to go there with her. Here’s how her blog post begins:

“Singer Janis Joplin’s stellar rise to celebrity status and then tragic death from a heroin overdose at twenty-seven years of age spoke to me on a deep, visceral level. I felt that she was too young to lose her life and that a great burgeoning talent had been taken from us. I also felt a strong urge to write a scathing piece about this act of treachery from the Universe. Instead, I turned the injustice and sense of betrayal into, what else, but a story of love and eroticism.”

Go read the rest of Nat’s discussion of how and why she wrote what she did.

 And comment there, or on any of the other posts in this series, or on my Facebook posts about these blogs, to be entered in a drawing for a free ebook copy of the anthology.

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December 17
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December 18
Nat Burns
Jani-Lyn’s Dragon

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