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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Wild Girls, Wild Nights, Day 4: Blog Tour and Book Giveaway

It’s Day 4 of the Wild Girls, Wild Nights Blog Tour and Book Giveaway.

Today Charlotte Dare writes abut her lovely tender, steamy, ultimately bittersweet story of a May-December romance (although I’d call it closer to May-September.)

We’ll be featuring one story a day from the book through June 22, and anyone who comments on any of the posts will be entered in a drawing for one of three free copies of the anthology. You can comment on more than one post and be entered more than once. I'll announce the winners by June 25, if not sooner, and ask for mailing info.

Most of these entries will be commentary by the writers themselves, but a few will be reviews by other writers.

“Higher Learning”
Charlotte Dare

            “Higher Learning” was fun to write and a little bittersweet. If you’ve read any of my other stories, chances are you’ve come across another May-December lesbian romance. I can’t help myself. I’ve loved older women as long as I can remember. A college campus, though, was the last place I expected to meet and fall in love with one beyond my high school fantasy about the sexy closeted professor who would summon me to her cozy little office, remove the hairclip that held her raven-colored bun and pin me against her desk. But as it usually happens in life, the way you envision things and the way they end up working out rarely coincide.

Although the character of Jules is based on me and my first experience with an older woman, I decided to tell it from Corinne’s point of view now that I’m close enough to her age to appreciate her experience. I wanted to imagine how it must’ve felt to be a woman of a certain age involved with a younger woman, to understand the renaissance of the heart it inspires and the physical and emotional insecurities it inevitably reveals. During our dalliance, I spent a lot of time reassuring Corinne that some young, taut co-ed wasn’t going to snatch me away from her, and it made me sad. She was a vibrant, sensual woman who could’ve held her own in any age group.

Unfortunately, our love affair could not endure, not for the physical separation but rather the double-decade separation of our birth years. As I was writing the story, memories of Corinne came alive in my mind, and I’d wondered what had become of her. Maybe after Wild Girls, Wild Nights is released, I’ll find out.

Charlotte Dare’s erotic fiction has appeared in The Harder She Comes: Butch Femme Erotica, Best Lesbian Romance, Best Lesbian Erotica, Lesbian Cowboys, Girl Crazy, Ultimate Lesbian Erotica, Wetter: More True Lesbian Sex Stories, Where the Girls Are, and various online publications. She thanks her red hot lover, Ana, for her endless inspiration.

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  1. Though I enjoy erotica, it's much, much better when the characters feel real, and I can always count on these anthologies to do just that. Sacchi is a terrific editor and all the best writers come out for her.

  2. I love the idea of writing from your own experience - but taking the other person's point of view. Sounds intriguing! :)