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Monday, June 10, 2013

Wild Girls Blog Tour Day 8--Catherine Paulssen's "Delinquents"

Today we have Catherine Paulssen writing from Germany and remembering how the world looked to her from that perspective twenty years ago. Her story “Delinquents” is as simultaneously lovely and hot as anything I’ve ever read.

Catherine Paulssen's ( stories have appeared in Best Lesbian Romance 2012 and Girl Fever and in anthologies by Ravenous Romance and Constable & Robinson. (I’ve also seen her name in a number of anthologies since this bio was written.)

When I first saw Sacchi’s call for submissions for an anthology of true lesbian erotica, I was very excited about this idea. I knew I wanted to participate, but at first, I had no idea how. I simply didn’t know what story to tell. Looking back, most experiences that weren’t too boring to write about seemed so tainted with heartbreak or confusion I couldn’t see them in such an anthology – or bring myself to write about it. So I went back really far in time and thought of that magical summer of 1994. We had been so daring, so carefree and yet so full of questions… I was intrigued again immediately. A lot had to be thought about, added and transformed – yes, I took a lot of license as far as circumstances go.

And I loved every minute I was writing “Delinquents”.

After all, by the time I finally had it all together and down on paper, Sacchi sent an update asking for stories beyond tales of coming-out or recollections of first encounters.

I still went ahead with my submission. Mostly because it had been such an adventure plunging back into those weeks that are almost twenty years in the past that I was convinced the fun I had and the emotions that came back while writing about them would resonate with readers.

Looking back on that time today (with a lot of disbelief – has it really been twenty years? It all seems so close, and some of what’s been said and done I remember more vividly than things that happened two years ago), I find it wasn’t only a very sweet and glorious summer, but also a very defining one.

Sacchi accepted the story a few months later, and I hope that you will enjoy reading “Delinquents” as much as I enjoyed telling it.

[I can’t resist adding a brief excerpt. The two girls are house-sitting for the TV star mother of one of them. One of the things they do is watch sexy movies. And then…]

“I can't imagine what the fuss is all about. I mean, what's with the boob obsession?”
Esther threw a glance at the movie and shrugged her shoulders. “Don’t know. They must feel good, I guess.”
“Maybe,” I said, following Esther’s stare. But then, suddenly, she turned her eyes from the screen and looked right at me.
“Wanna try?” she asked.
Heat shot into my stomach. I knew immediately what she meant. But it seemed too outrageous a suggestion. And what was I supposed to do? What if I did it all wrong? What if it was embarrassing? I kept my eyes fixed on the television. “Try what?” I asked.
She cocked her head, but didn’t answer my question. “To see if it feels good,” she stated simply.

You really want to read the rest. Trust me. Comment here and/or on any of the other posts in this series to be entered in a drawing for one of three free copies of the book. Or, in a pinch, you can buy the book. It's worth it.

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