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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Wild Girls Blog Tour Day 13--Allison Moon's "Foxy and the Ridiculous Lesbian Orgy"

Today on her blog site Allison Moon shares the background for her story “Foxy and the Ridiculous Lesbian Orgy” as well as her own background in sex education and writing sex-enabling erotica. Here’s just a short sample:

“In my sex ed workshops, I offer information, but a huge part of what I do is letting folks know they’re “normal” for wanting certain sensation, connection, or communication. My agenda has changed from just offering advice or information, to offering permission. After all, in this noble Google Age, information is cheap, good information is slightly more pricey, but permission to seek, find, and utilize that information? Priceless.”

There’s an excerpt from her story, too, which shows just what lengths she’ll go to for the sake of offering permission for sex. Don’t miss this one. (For any of you who’ve read my post on Women and Words, which I’ll probably post on my own blog at some point, this is the story I didn’t believe was true until someone on my publisher’s staff said she’d actually heard about the party described, and it was just the way Allison described it! The San Francisco Bay area is a small world.)

So go right on over to:

And comment to be entered in the raffle for free copies of the book.

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