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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Wild Girls Blog and Book Giveaway Final Day-Monica E. Moreno

On our last day we have a review of the first story in the book, which seems appropriate. I asked my writer friend Kathleen Bradean to review this piece, because I knew she would love it, and I was right. When she e-mailed me her review, her fist words were, “What a lovely story! She's a good writer.”

I knew that. And I know, but won’t name names, of many lovely stories in various genres that Monica E. Moreno has published under a different pseudonym.

Onward to Kathleen’s review.

"Good erotica awakens your libido. Great erotica is rich in sensual imagery that makes your body hum with anticipation. As I read Monica E. Moreno's wonderful 'Polvo de Hadas', I swore I felt the spices in my blood. This lovely and evocative story has unexpected depth that calls for reflection on how we communicate with our lovers.

The narrator's bisabeula cautions her not to make noise during sex. Otherwise the boy might think she likes it too much. But she doesn't just keep her mouth shut during sex with her boi; she doesn't say what she probably should to her lover. Instead, she turns to the food magic she learned from her bisabuela. Cinnamon for commitment, cayenne for passion. Cinnamon is easy to sprinkle here and there, but her lover refuses to taste cayenne. When they both step out of their comfort zones, their love spices up."

Kathleen’s bio:
Award winning author Kathleen Bradean’s stories can be found in Carnal Machines, The Harder She Comes, Best of Best Women’s Erotica I and II, Haunted Hearths and Sapphic Shades, The Sweetest Kiss: Vampire Tales, and many other anthologies. Find her blog articles at KathleenBradean.Blogspot.Com and Erotica-Readers.Blogspot.Com, and reviews of erotica at EroticaRevealed.Com.

And Monica E. Moreno’s bio, which is perfectly accurate, as far as it goes:
Monica E. Moreno was born and raised in the Southwestern United States. She is the writer of Chicana-themed romance/erotica, poetry and literary fiction. During the day she works as a secretary, and at night she practices recetas passed down through her family. She still believes in los cuentos de hadas she heard growing up.

[Pay attention! This is your last chance to comment for a chance to win one of three free copies of Wild Girls, Wild Nights. You can do it here, or on any of the linked posts. I’ll be announcing the winner on Monday June 24th on this blog, on my Facebook page, and on Live Journal (as sacchig)

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  1. Sounds like this author knows her spices, intriguing. Looks like another winner from Sacchi Green and her wonderful contributors.