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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Wild Girls Blog Tour Day 16—Evan Mora’s “The Insatiable Travel Itch”

Any story by Evan Mora takes you on a trip of one sort or another, and “The Insatiable Travel Itch” does it very nearly literally. The travel and places are vividly depicted, and her frustration at the need to suppress her emotional and physical needs while in public serves to heighten the sexual tension to a deliciously erotic peak. Best of all, it’s true. Here she shares these feelings in depth:

“I love to travel. I love hopping on a plane or getting behind the wheel of a car and going somewhere I’ve never been. New sights, new sounds – and food! Don’t even get me started…

In my twenties I most often traveled with a guy, which was fairly unremarkable. And what I mean by that is that no one ever gave us a second glance. A guy and a girl traveling together is commonplace, no matter where you go.

Fast-forward a few years, and I’m living in downtown Toronto with my girlfriend. And because Toronto is a kick-ass city and Canada is a kick-ass country, nobody gives us much of a second glance here either.

But a curious thing happened the first time she and I traveled together. Some of it was tangible: we couldn’t go through customs together, despite living at the same address, because she wasn’t family. She wasn’t a sister or a cousin, so we had to go through separately. When I’d travelled with a guy, no one ever asked if he was my brother. The greater part of it though, is less tangible. It’s in the contemplative stare of waiters and hotel attendants and sometimes even other travelers. The stare that says: what are you to each other?

It drives me nuts.

When you’re on vacation, you want to celebrate your togetherness with your partner. You’re explorers! Or you’re beach lizards! Either way, you’re making memories, renewing and strengthening your bonds. Juxtaposing this heightened sense of togetherness with the circumspection required by being in a place where your relationship – your love – isn’t accepted is incredibly jarring to me.

I wrote the Insatiable Travel Itch very shortly after returning from the trip described in the story. But then it sat on my laptop for a long time. I know I’m writing about this from a very privileged position. What, for me, is a situation that I find frustrating on vacation, is but a fraction of what a great number of women (and men) face on a day to day basis. Not being able to go through customs together is a pain, but I can’t even imagine being denied access to a lover’s hospital bed because you’re not family. I can’t imagine not being able to share something as basic as the fact that I like women for fear that my job might be on the line. Or my personal safety. It isn’t a subject to treat lightly, and I know, to a degree, I do treat it lightly in this story.

Ultimately, I sent this story to Sacchi precisely because her call was for true stories. In this case, this is my truth. It isn’t a narrative intending to trivialize the fight for equality, but rather, an account of the experiences of one lucky Toronto writer and the curious manifestations of her desire.

And my girlfriend? She’s busy planning our next vacation…”

You know you can find the book at Amazon or B&N, but here’s a more direct option:

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