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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Wild Girls Blog Tour Day 11—Mia Savage’s “Kat’s House”

We’re halfway through the Blog Tour! Today we follow Mia Savage to her blog site where she sets up her story’s back ground like this:

“It was our second anniversary, and we were finally settling into a comfortable place with each other. I wanted to do something special, something besides the usual. There was always something in her eyes and in her touch that led me to believe she wanted more, something a little wild. I planned and teased her for weeks, not knowing exactly where that night would lead. Thirty two years later—she still has that same look in her eyes, and I am still happy to oblige.”

And then…what an excerpt! A different kind of menu for an anniversary feast. Yes, I’ve read the whole story many times, but it still packs a punch. Don’t miss this teaser for “Kat’s House”. Go to

(And notice that besides comments on her post being entered in a drawing for the book, Mia is also offering a drawing for a $10 Amazon Gift Card. Don’t miss this one.)

Scroll down to my post from yesterday for a complete list of the Blog Tour links.


  1. Okay, time to be honest... I posted over on Words but couldn't wait just in case I got picked for the free book. I the B&N for my copy and I'm hoping it turns into a wonderful gift for someone!! Shannon

  2. Shannon,

    It's okay to comment both here and on W&W. These are separate drawings. In fact, for the Blog Tour posts I count comments on each separate post as multiple entries.

    I don't quite understand what you're saying about B&N--I think you've left out a word (as I so often do.)