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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Me and My Boi Blog Tour-Kathleen Tudor

This last stop on our Blog Tour will leave you wanting more, especially more of Kathleen Tudor’s story “Dancing Boi”.

Here’s what Kathleen says about herself:

KATHLEEN TUDOR hides out in the wilds of California with her spouse and their favorite monkey. Her wicked words have broken down the doors to presses like Cleis, Mischief HarperCollins, Xcite and more. If you see her, please contact Keep an eye on for updates on her antics.

And here’s a simmering excerpt from “Dancing Boi”, which begins with a bachelorette party at a strip club, but gyrates into much more intense and personal territory:

My amused smile froze on my face as the lights dimmed, the dancers filed toward the end of the stage, and a spotlight lit up a small space in the back. The woman who stepped out was exactly my type.
My mouth went dry and my hand closed on the cold drink. I instinctively took a huge slug, wincing as the tequila burned down my throat, leaving me drier than ever and a little dizzy.
The music started and she slunk onto the stage in a seductive dance, her hips twisting and swirling in lazy figure eights. My clit twinged and I shifted in my seat, wanting to whimper or moan. But that would have been a mistake, because except for the steady beat of the music, the room had fallen dead silent and all eyes were on her.
Like an angel, she drifted across the stage, her eyes sweet and coy while her body screamed sex. Her curves were nothing but woman, but there was something about her that nonethe- less whispered to me of something else. It was in the set of her jaw, maybe, or the secrets behind her eyes. In was in her short- trimmed, unvarnished nails and her closely shorn hair, not so unusual in a woman these days, but...together, those things all spoke to me.
My free hand rested in my lap, my nails digging into my palm as I tried to keep my face relaxed and my gaze noncha- lant. She started to peel away the layers of her costume, each one revealing tracts of creamy-smooth skin until—glory be!—she was completely bare but for a tiny thong, her body gyrating with the intensifying music. Men were on their feet near the front of the stage, bills waving in the air, and the lights came up as she stepped forward to accept their tribute. Other dancers filed onto the stage, already pared down to the panties and heels, and took up stations at the poles on either side of my dream boi’s center- stage act.
That was when Tara pulled out the wad of ones and dumped them on the table. “I’ve got a prize for you guys! Everyone who puts a dollar in one of those strippers’ thongs gets her name in the hat! Go on! Do it!” She shoved the money toward the center of the table, and a few giggling women snatched up their bills and headed for the stage, their dollars waving in the air like banners.
I felt rooted in place, but Tara hadn’t forgotten me, and she seemed determined to “help me out of my shell” as she’d put it earlier in the night. She pushed a small handful of ones into my hand and practically shoved me out of my chair. “Go!”
I stumbled to my feet and headed to the center stage without a conscious decision to do so, my feet carrying me toward the goddess whose worshippers had begun to disperse. She saw me coming and her eyes sparkled as she dropped to her hands and knees and crawled toward the edge of the stage nearest me.
“You’re not one of those chicks who comes here on a dare,” she said in a throaty murmur, eyes flicking to the hens and back to me.
I folded one dollar and stuffed it in her mouth, learning forward. “And I know what you are, too,” I ventured, my voice sounding bold and confident even as my thudding heart threatened to drown it out. She raised her eyebrows in challenge and I leaned toward her, our shoulders close enough to brush as I tucked the rest of the bills into the side of her thong. “You’re a naughty little boi all dressed up like a slut,” I whispered for her ears only.
I heard her sharp intake of breath, and as I pulled back, her mouth fell slightly open and the dollar fluttered to the stage. “Yes, Ma’am,” she said. I reached to ruffle her hair, my mind’s eye seeing how the pixie-like lengths would look gelled into masculine spikes, and backed away. She waited there, kneeling with her eyes downcast, until I’d returned to the table.
Tara was laughing and clapping as the rest of the hens and I returned to the roost. She’d been busy, and scraps of folded white paper littered the table. She scooped them up, mixed them, dumped them and plucked one from the top.
“Megan, you win!” she exclaimed, and from her oversized purse she pulled an oversized rubber cock and handed it straight to me.
Oh, for god’s sake!
I glanced past her, back toward the stage, but my naughty little boi in girl’s panties was gone. It was probably for the best.

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