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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Me and My Boi Blog Tour-Axa Lee

Axa Lee calls herself an erotica-writing Michigan farm girl who grazes cattle in her yard and herds incorrigible poultry with a cowardly dog. She’s written since her grandmother had to spell the words for her. Other work appears in Shameless Behavior and Dirty Little Numbers, published by Go Deeper Press.

If anyone can work fence posts into erotica, it’s a Michigan farm girl. This excerpt from Axa Lee’s “Welder Boi” does the trick:

With a sharp nod of her head, she tipped the welding helmet over her eyes and sparked her rod.
I love watching her weld. She ties that bandana around her cropped blonde hair, tips that helmet down with a sharp motion of her chin, her spark ignites, and she’s nothing but liquid flame. She’s an artist, a true creative. Though she laughs when I tell her this and says she’s only welding fence posts.
Sweat drips down her back beneath the leather protective gear, her arms are veined and strong beneath those heavy gloves, her leather boots with the steel toes peeking through... there’s just nothing that isn’t sexy.
She comes to me later, stripped down to her white wife- beater and favorite battered jeans that ride low-slung across her narrow hips, so worn they’re as soft as a T-shirt, her muscular chest almost as flat as a boy’s, a real boy’s. She’s not one for labels and laughed when I told her what hers was, then pulled me across her lap and kissed me, the scent of steel and fire wafting between us.
There’s always a tang of fire in her hair, a breath of metal about her, as if she took the elements of her craft into herself and continued to exude them. Or was made of them all along.
She doesn’t believe in feng shui or astrology, so when I talk to her of elements, of water signs and fire signs, of dragons, wood or Taurus, she rolls her eyes and lets her beer bottle dangle between her fingertips.
“Dialing psychic hotline, Crazy speaking.” She holds her fingers like a phone, thumb to ear and pinkie to mouth.

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