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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Me and My Boi Blog Tour--D. Orchid

Today’s focus is on writer D. Orchid and her story “Her Gardener’s Boy.”

Here's her bio from the book, and then the post she's written for us.

D. Orchid is a geeky mocha butch with a love of poetry, power dynamics, and stories that take readers to unexpected places alongside characters from every shade of every rainbow. Writing for wanderers at heart, D. explores joy and struggle, freedom and surrender, the sweetness and the darkness of life.


What can I say? I have a thing for femmes. So, my piece - "Her Gardener's Boy" - is like an ode, an extended erotic sonnet to those femmes who boldly climb into the lives of we masculine-of-center types and immediately recognize us on a metaphysical level. It is an exploration of that instant explosive chemistry that only comes about when discovery is still at the tip of our fingers, a fresh taste bursting over our tongues.

This story was also the result of a lot of British television and books, if I recall. I'm not sure if my characters always had accents in my head, but the setting was definitely a quaint, lush English garden with ivy-strewn walls guarding the rear end of a house just like the others on a quiet village street. It seems the least likeliest of places for sex games, but, perhaps because of that fact, the peace and beauty of it helped frame the action in a certain softness that couldn't have come from alternative settings.

As for the characters themselves and their dynamics, I can't pretend I am not influenced by the iconic imagery that came before me. The stubborn tomboy/butch still figuring things out? The sure of herself femme or feminine type whose confidence itself seems crush-worthy, let alone the rest of her? These tropes assert themselves often in my work when queer females are involved. I especially think this piece gives an indirect callback to the first queer film I ever saw - "The Incredibly True Adventure of Two Girls in Love" - which knitted unexpected class and racial dynamics in with gender dynamics and the general complications of being a teenager realizing one's own romantic and sexual quirks.

For that reason, I hope you find yourself donning a fond smirk as you read along, whether you're meeting someone new within the characters or recognizing someone you know already. Anticipating what might happen next (possibly with a hint of mischievous glee) is always the best part.

You can find out more about me and my published and upcoming works at:


Her eyes slid over my sun-battered face, my t-shirt with a fraying collar, my ankle roll-up-cuffed overalls, and my already-dirty kicks, and her smile never wavered. All she said was: "You look ready to work, boy. Am I correct?"

"Yes, miss." I squared my shoulders and lifted my chin, ready and waiting for orders. It didn't matter that I didn't want to be a real boy. When she was here, this was her garden and I was just her gardener's boy.

"Well then," Aniah said with a gorgeous smirk draped across her lips and a sparkle of fun in her eyes, "about these rose bushes ..."

Her voice and the implicit arrangement she hadn't forgotten or tossed aside sent the swirl of worry and want in my stomach surging up to smack me in the chest, my breath pressing out all at once. "Yes, miss." I nodded, trying to remember to draw new air in and let it out again, tipping my head toward the row of pink flowering bushes near the bench. "Those there?"

"Yes." She pursed her lips as she assessed the bushes and then me again, a curious quirk in her eyebrow that I couldn't quite decipher. "It's a good place to start. I want to see your work up close today."

"Is that so?" I didn't have a hat to tip, but I nodded again, something more like a bow, and stepped aside to allow her to walk up to the bench before I bent to retrieve the gloves and tools I'd brought out from the shed. "A trim then, miss?"

"Yes," she said, as perfect as a painter's model, upright and yet somehow relaxed on the bench with her head tilted to regard the bushes in question. "Make them shapely, like bowls, a bit more rounded."

I went to them and down on my knees beside them, but found myself waiting again for some reason.

"Go ahead. I trust you." She nudged me gently with her toes, her voice soft and encouraging in ways that made warmth swim across my shoulders, knowing her eyes were taking in the curve of my back.

I twisted around to lift my eyes to hers, unsure how to tell her I was grateful that, even after her first year really quite far away, she'd come back to ... be with me this way. It didn't quite feel like play anymore, like when we were children and youths, but I wanted it, needed it, all the same.

Her smile turned knowing, her eyes like crystalized syrup, flashing nature's sweetness at me. "Is there a problem, boy?"

"No, miss." I shook my head. "I'll do it however you like. Whatever you like." Not just these bushes, I meant, though I couldn't explain that all out loud. This garden, or me, or the world. In that moment, I might have meant them all.

"Yes." She nodded, a more serious and thoughtful expression on her face than I'd seen before, her voice still soft but firmer somehow, as if she'd considered this all a long time ago. "However I like and whatever I like."

My heart skidded with her eyes on me like that and even fully clothed, I felt like my skin was bare to her eyes. The stirring summer wind wasn't enough to cool the fire she left burning there.

"Now get to it, boy. We'll talk later."

Work first, I knew that, and I lowered my eyes respectfully. "Yes, miss."


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