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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Giveaway for Goldie Winner Through the Hourglass: Lesbian Historical Romance

Celebratory Giveaway for our Golden Crown Literary Society winner Through The Hourglass! Leave a comment here to be entered to win a copy of the ebook (in epub, mobi, or pdf) AND your choice of one of my other anthologies.  You can also enter for another chance over on my Facebook page:

Liz McMullen is running a giveaway for this book, too, with her other winner included. Go check that out! The drawing ends on July 20th.


  1. Don't know how but I've only come across your books today!!! What rock have I been under. I would love to read this one as well! Already downloaded and read one book...these can't stop!

    1. Hi Amazed,

      I don't know whether you saw my post below telling you that you've won a copy of Through the Hourglass and your choicenof one of my other books, but maybe blogger will get this to you when it's a specific reply to your post rather than a followup post. More info in that post, but the main point is that I need your email address to send you the book.

  2. Hi Amazed! You've definitely won a copy of this book. Just e-mail me at or find me on Facebook and message me so I know what format you'd like, and where to send it. You also get your choice of any one of my other books, paperback or ebook, although a couple of them are now out of print and never were ebooks, so you'd get a paperback that might even be a collectible. Plus, if you think you could review one of the recent ones, Best Lesbian Erotica or Me and My Boi or Thunder of War, Lightning of Desire, you could have that one plus another choice. All the covers are here, and all the books are on Amazon if you search for Sacchi Green, so you can get descriptions there.

    I hope these won't stop, too, and there'll be one more scheduled to come out next May from Cleis Press, but anthologies aren't as popular as they used to be now that folks like to buy a single story for $!.99 on Amazon rather than a twenty-story anthology for, say, $10.99 (my publisher drives me crazy with their increasing prices) which is a much better bargain. So I don't know what the future holds, except that I'll still be writing myself and editing when I can.

    Do get in touch so I can send your prize!


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