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Saturday, June 25, 2016

Me and My Boi Blog Tour--Jen Cross

Jen’ Cross’s “Hot Pants” is a gritty gem, set in a lesbian working-class bar way back in the times that Leslie Feinberg wrote about in Stone Butch Blues. Hot and intense all the way through, sex spiked with sorrow, the atmosphere shimmers with lust and conflict and characters you feel are real.

Here’s what Jen tells us in her bio:

JEN CROSS’s ( writing appears in a plethora of publications, including Women in Lust, Nobody Passes, Gotta Have It and many more. She’s toured nationally with the Body Heat Femme Porn Tour, and facilitates erotic and trauma survivors writing workshops in Oakland and around the country.

And here’s an excerpt from what Jen tells us in this outstanding story:

Hot Pants

When I think of lust, I think of four-inch Mary Jane platforms, all black patent leather and white piping tracing the edges, being worn by a girl with the longest damn legs you ever saw—calves that curved around, butter smooth, settled over with a fine layer of gold hair, thighs like the long thunder rolling through a hot July night, and the tightest pair of hot pants you ever did see, cupped like not even second skin but first around her fleshy rump. The kinda girl who her friends say (the sharp, skinny ones at least) shouldn’t exactly be wearing hot pants anyway cuz look at how her butt keeps pushing out from under the shimmery material, all sweet and jiggly and needing just and exactly the sort of attention I could be giving to it. Yeah, these cold nights up here in Detroit when the steam heat’s not working right and I can hardly get the damn stove going hot enough to put some warmth into my too-tight studio, all I can do is think on Shirleen in those near-carnivorous hot pants, and how she let me in ’em just that one Christmas before I left.

Near the whole time I’d been in Atlanta, Shirleen’s butt had been firmly planted in the stony possession of her butch, Zeke. They’d been together far back as anyone I’d met could remember, and still she’d suddenly gaze at Z, turn those big dark-green pools onto Zeke’s tired, sweltery face with the kind of need that you’d expect to see from newlyweds, or really skillful whores, maybe. Zeke’d sling an arm across Shirleen’s soft, broad shoul- ders, cop a long, possessive feel, lock eyes with one butch or another, whoever she though maybe had been taking one too many tequila-glazed trips up and down Shirl’s impossibly long gams, and more often than not it’d be me Zeke’d be glaring at. Then she’d drain her beer, stand up, reach back for her girl and whisk Shirleen out to her Harley, with a sharp crack on the butt and a Well, then, come on, girl—let’s get to it. Shirleen’d grin wide and proud and I’d sometimes think I could smell her ache all the way across the smoky flats of the bar: somethin’ steamy and pungent and wet and quick as sea spray tracing its long, lingering way over beach grass back home.

The night they broke up was epic, the kinda tale that gets told at dyke bars for years, gets passed off as “Lesbian Herstory” when it’s actually just plain pain and sorrow and shamefaced loss.

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