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Friday, March 25, 2011

Lesbian Cops Blog Tour

Does the thought of lesbian cops turn you on, or leave you cold? Whichever way you lean, these stories offer some surprises, and now the writers are offering extra insights on their work in a blog tour beginning on April 1. Check us out. All comments on any of these blog entries will be entered in a drawing for one of two copies of the book.
Here’s the schedule, with links:

March 31 Sacchi Green Interview

April 1 JL Merrow

April 2 Jove Belle

April 3 Delilah Devlin

April 4 R. G. Emanuelle

April 5 Andrea Dale

April 6 Kenzie Matthews

April 7 Ily Goyanes

April 8 Cheyenne Blue

April 9 Evan Mora

April 10 J.N. Gallagher

April 11 Liz Coldwell

April 12 Teresa Noelle Roberts

April 13 Lynn Mixon

April 14 RV Raiment

April 15 Annabeth Leong

Besides commenting on the content of the blogs, feel free to comment (or e-mail at the end of the tour with your own thoughts about what you wish we'd included in the book. Hot fantasies, wild imaginings, gritty realism--if you want to share it, now's the time. All such comments will be in the running for a third copy of the book.

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