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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Catching Up: Girl Crazy

My first few posts will be paying catch-up, giving each of my most recent anthologies a little attention. The Table of Contents and my Introduction for Girl Crazy: Coming Out Erotica (Cleis Press) are waiting below this cut.


Spitting Seeds Sommer Marsden
Becoming Wild Kyle Lukoff
Road Trip Kirsten Monroe
Dinner at Crompton’s Scarlett French
Sabra Lux Zakari
Period Panties Anna Watson
Tasting Chantal D. L. King
Opening Night Charlotte Dare
Getting It Jean Roberta
The Oldest Virgin Shain Everett
I Am Not Into Women Jacqueline Applebee
Muddy Waters Kristina Wright
Wine-Dark Kisses Catherine Lundoff
Femme into Me Maggie Cee
The Outside Edge Sacchi Green
I’ve Been Around the Block, Three Times, Maybe Four Danielle de Santiago
Wellington Nights Fran Walker
Girls and Their Cars Renée Strider
Flannel and Fleece Cheyenne Blue

About the Authors
About the Editor


Girl Crazy! You know that feeling, whether you’ve come out to yourself, to your community or to the world. You know the surge of excitement flooding body and soul, the rush of pleasure and pain too intense to be denied, the certainty, at last, of who you are and who you want. From self-discovery to the first thrill of girl-on-girl erotic play, from the tender growth of lasting love to explorations of the fiercer shores of sex, these nineteen writers know the feeling, too, and share their no-holds-barred tales of the highs and lows and kinky twists of first times and coming out.
College kids acting out for Girls Gone Wild get even wilder once the cameraman has gone. A lonely businesswoman discovers how far her young chauffeur can drive her. Butch buddies find secret desires racing out of control. A summer job constructing wilderness trails sparks trailblazing into very different territory. Girls who thought they knew it all discover ways of getting down and dirty beyond their wildest dreams. These and a wide range of other intimate stories, some drawn from real-life experience, take you where you know you want to be—among girls who love girls who are girl crazy.

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