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Saturday, February 20, 2016

BLE Blog Tour-Anna Watson, "Easy"

If you should have the great good luck to be called up onstage at a flaming hot Drag King show, would it be a curse or a blessing to be “easy”? Here’s a brief excerpt from Anna Watson’s “Easy,” but you need to read the whole thing in the book to form an opinion on that question.  Research. Call it research.

It was hot up on stage, and I couldn’t see the audience very well because of the bright lights. I could hear my friends screaming my name, though, and I was so nervous I almost jumped back down to join them, but Mister Benson had hold of my hand in a commanding grip. Tall and slender, he was wearing a Daddy cap, a leather vest over his white t-shirt, jeans and chaps, and some shit-kicking boots. He led me over to sit on a single bed, all frilly and pink, that had been wheeled onto stage. Beside the bed was a nightstand with a phone on it, a deck of cards, and a vase holding a single red rose. Grooving to the beat of the loud funk coming over the sound system, the rest of the Kings presented themselves to me. Sonny Boner, his impressive package looking good in his bicycle shorts, gave me a friendly pat on the shoulder. Power Strip kissed my hand, so dapper in his striped zoot suit. Captain Candy brushed back his long hair so I could see the gold rings in his ears, and blew me a sexy kiss. Fats Dominant came to attention and gave me a snappy salute, handsome as hell in his sergeant’s dress uniform. Mister Benson just looked haughtily into my eyes and then away, never letting go of my hand. I was so flattered by the silent, exaggerated way they were welcoming me, playing to the crowd like the yummiest treat had just been dropped in their midst. And the male, pussy-driven energy they were giving off was really sending me.
“We’ll be back,” Mister Benson whispered, his lips brushing my ear. “Don’t go anywhere.”
The Kings grooved off the stage and the lights went down, leaving just a spot on me. The music stopped and the crowd held its breath. This was the last number of the night.
I sat there feeling silly, feeling turned on. This would be something I could tell the grandkids about, the time I’d been in a number with the handsomest, sexiest, most popular drag kings this side of the Mississippi. My friends passed me up a beer, which I chugged, then passed back. I took a deep cleansing breath. I was in for the duration. I wanted to be. But truthfully, along with the turn on and the fun of it all, I was struggling with just the teensiest worry.
See, I have this problem. Or you could call it a talent. A gift. The thing is, I’m a seriously sensual girl. I swear that everything—smells, tastes, sounds, the way things look and feel—go straight to the pleasure center in my brain. And from there, on down. See, I’m easy, is what it is. To put it bluntly, I’m the kind of girl who can come at the drop of a hat. You don’t even have to be touching me. Once, I came in the movie theater watching Vasquez in “Aliens”.

Trust me. You really want to go where Anna takes you.

Anna Watson is a piece of tired-ass pimento baloney in the white bread sandwich of her teenage sons and elderly parents, and yet she bravely soldiers on, writing and publishing as much butch/femme smut as possible. She’s pretty sure she deserves a femme medal of valor, and is just waiting for the awarding body to appear.

Comment on any of these Blog Tour posts to be entered in a drawing for a free copy of Best Lesbian Erotica 20th Anniversary Edition.

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