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Monday, July 25, 2016

A Goodreads Giveaway for Me and My Boi

Another chance to win a copy.

Go on over and sign up!

And if you're interested in a copy for honest reviewing purposes, get in touch with me here (check back for my response), or at, or by Private Message on Facebook. I have a few available.


  1. I am very interested in receiving a copy to review. However, if the book is geared mainly toward the usual butch/femme audience, no thanks. If the stories truly contain MOC queers with other MOC queers, then bring it on. Sadly, the final sentence of the Goodreads blurb doesn't give me much hope that it is the latter.

  2. My original proposal to the publisher was for butch-on-butch, similar to the Alyson anthology of many years ago, Set in Stone (where I had a story included.) The publisher wouldn't go that far, but I still hoped for more MOC/MOC submissions than I got. Only three out of the twenty stories are unequivocally butch on butch, with one more historical piece that 's impossible to pigeonhole, but leans in that direction. Sinclair Sexsmith's Five Blow Jobs, Victoria Villasenor's Resurrection, and my own piece Gargoyle Lovers fit, and Victoria Janssen's Regency period piece The Measure of a Man is a quirky maybe. The others offer a pretty wide variety of MOC identities, but yes, more-or-less femmes are involved. There's no reason you couldn't write a negative review saying that there should be more MOC/MOC pieces, so I'm willing to send you the book (or a PDF file of the final proof manuscript, or a Kindle version from Amazon.) It's up to you.

    1. I should have mentioned that the publisher three years ago when I made the proposal and turned in the manuscript was later sold, which had something to do with the long time before publication. The new owner is honoring the previous contracts, but I can't speak to whether they would go for a strictly butch/butch theme.

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